Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Census-Taker's Reflection on Peddling Porn

Lara Janson, a former Comcast employee and now Census-taker, contributes an insightful blog post on the Huffington Post on her reflection of the porn industry and its inconspicuous entry into the homes of our communities.

"When I took a job peddling Comcast door-to-door in Latino areas of Chicago, I did not realize that the question of pornography would be a routine part of my job. And even when I began asking each of my customers if they did want Playboy, I did not make an immediate mental connection between my principal career combating human trafficking and my involvement with Comcast. Well, I did make one connection when I made the decision to start selling Comcast services: I thought the job would keep my Spanish fresh, thus better preparing me to communicate with potential Latina victims I might encounter in my anti-human trafficking work. Little did I know that the vocabulary I would use to ask customers about "pay-per-view" channels would parallel only too closely the terminology I have used in strip clubs when conducting outreach to Latina sex trafficking victims."

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