Monday, February 13, 2012

Share Valentines from CAASE

As signs of Valentine's Day are everywhere, we've been thinking: What does love mean for CAASE?
For us... 

Love means a world without sexual exploitation.
Love means ending sexual violence.
Love means young men (and young women!) becoming allies to end sex trafficking.
What does love mean to you?

Show your love by making a donation to CAASE in someone’s honor this Valentine’s Day.

We can send your Valentines an email letting them know about the special gift.*
Donations help support all of CAASE's work, which includes:

  • Offering free legal representation to survivors of sexual assault and abuse.
  • Advocating for new laws and policies to help survivors of the sex trade in Illinois.
  • Educating more young men about the harms of the sex trade and empowering them to be allies in the movement to end sexual violence.

*Please note: If you are making a gift in someone’s honor and would like us to send them an e-Valentine from you, please include their name and email address in the comments field of the online form, or give us a call at 773-244-2230 ext 7. We will send these e-Valentines on Feb. 14.