Monday, June 4, 2012

Chicago Tribune Features CAASE's Curriculum for Young Men

If we want to stop exploitation, we must prevent it from occurring in the first place. CAASE’s curriculum for young men in high school aims to do just that, and we’re thrilled that Chicago Tribune columnist Barbara Brotman has featured the program in her column. Read the whole story here. From the article:

Efforts to stop sexual exploitation have traditionally been aimed at women, said Rachel Durchslag, executive director of the alliance. But "as long as there is someone who will open up their pocketbook to purchase sex, there will be people who will supply it," she said.

Young men in the class at Rauner College Prep were extremely engaged, thoughtful and interested in taking action. Many thanks to them and their teachers for participating in the curriculum. To learn more, or to bring the curriculum to a high school in your community, visit our Prevention page.