Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Springfield Police Help Woman Who Was Harmed in the Sex Trade

Most people in prostitution report that they endure violence in the sex trade. In one study, women in prostitution identified johns (customers) as the number one perpetrators of this violence. When police in Springfield encountered a woman in prostitution who had been robbed at gunpoint by a john, they did the right thing. From the State Journal-Register:

“The woman said that after the sex act was completed, the man attempted to pay her $10 instead of $20. She argued with him, and the man displayed a handgun and threatened to kill her.

When officers arrived, the woman realized her purse had been stolen.

Officers checked the area, but were unable to locate the man. The woman said she had recently met him, and she didn’t know where he lived.

The woman did not suffer any injuries. She was not arrested for prostitution because of the circumstances, the police report said.”

Law enforcement in this case considered the woman’s safety as being of the foremost importance, and they did not arrest her for prostitution. We applaud the Springfield police for recognizing that this woman was the victim of a crime and worthy of their help.

Violent johns like the one this woman encountered must be deterred. To learn more about addressing the demand for commercial sex in your community, sign up for our End Demand Illinois action alerts.