Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet 3 More Runners Who Are Racing for CAASE!

Name:  Aaron Schlessman
Age: 27
Morton, Illinois
Running Experience:
None. Casual.

How did you find out about CAASE? I was doing human trafficking research at Northeastern University. 

Why do you support CAASE’s work?  
I believe in the type of community that CAASE is trying to create and support, especially the prevention efforts. Society can react to offenders and provide services all day long, but until you get to the root of the issue—men—you’re not going to put a dent in it. 

Is there any specific part of CAASE’s work/mission that interests you the most? Prevention. Working with the young men in the schools. The outreach work is absolutely important as well. 

Why is running for CAASE important to you? It’s more than just supporting a cause I believe in—it’s that agencies like this don’t get enough financial support for all the incredible work that they do. 
Name: Susie Moya 
Age: 28 
Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Occupation: Practitioner/Community Educator 

Running Experience: I recently began running last fall. I ran my first 5K (Hot Chocolate Run) in November 2011 and loved it! 

How did you find out about CAASE? I found out about the organization through grad school at University of Chicago. Once I learned about the work that CAASE does, I knew immediately that is where I wanted to intern, and I did for two years! 

Is there any specific part of CAASE’s work/mission that interests you the most? What attracted me the most to the organization is its holistic approach to ending sexual exploitation by addressing the ones who perpetrate, support, and profit from sexual harm. I believe that the key to living in a community free of sexual exploitation is by addressing the root cause: the demand to purchase sex. 

Why is running for CAASE important to you? I am a strong supporter of innovative and fun strategies to create awareness of different causes. I believe running is one of those. CAASE is an amazing organization and running serves as a fun and self-care activity for me. Therefore by participating in the Race for CAASE, I am able to support an amazing organization and practice self-care--it’s the best of both worlds!

Name: Erika A. Rist 
Age: 19 
Hometown: Wyomissing, PA 
Occupation: Undergraduate Student at The University of Chicago 
Running Experience: I've been running and racing for my schools since I was 13. 

How did you find out about CAASE? Once I found out about and began researching sex trafficking, CAASE was always mentioned in reference to the most recent and transformative Illinois legislation combating the misconceptions that sustain the sex trade in Chicago. I had to find out more about this groundbreaking organization. 

Is there any specific part of CAASE's work/mission that interests you the most? I am most compelled CAASE's foremost philosophy--to end trafficking, we need to end the demand that sustains the industry. 

Want to support the Race for CAASE Team? Visit their Razoo team fundraising page here, and share with a friend! 

This post is by Sasha Wolff, CAASE's communications intern.