Friday, October 15, 2010

Speak Out Against the Mobile App for Pimps

A mobile phone app has been created called PinPointsX that enables users to "locate and interact with erotic partners and facilitators.” In essence, this means that users will be able to check out adult advertisements presented on a GPS map. What this means for sex trafficking is that pimps will be able to sell women and children with zero traceability, as blogger Amanda Kloer describes on

“With PinPointX, pimps can advertise and sell girls with absolutely no barriers or traceability. They don't have to risk using an IP address to post on a static website, they can continuously move their "product" around while simultaneously advertising them, and, unsurprisingly, the PinPointsX company has put exactly zero safeguards in place to prevent the use of their product for exploitation.”

We must not let this happen. PinPointsX has even been directly marketing the app to johns who formerly bought sex on Craigslist until the adult services section was removed.

In the past, Apple has removed numerous apps that contain sexually explicit material (ie. pornographic images and videos). The app appears to be awaiting approval by Apple while Android has already adopted this app for U.S. customers. The question of the day is will all phone carriers block an app that will encourage and facilitate the sex trafficking of women and children?

We encourage everyone to speak out against this application, as it enables perpetrators of sex- trafficking and exploitation everywhere to hurt women and children.

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-This post written by Genevieve Shannon, an intern with CAASE.