Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bolingbrook Man Charged with Sex Trafficking

Yesterday, an ex-convict, McKenzie "Casino" Carson, was arrested on federal charges that he forced a 17-year old girl into the sex trade and prostituted her since January 2010. Carson allegedly had a group of women that he trafficked, advertised them on the internet, and kept nearly all of the portions the women were paid. According to the Chicago Tribune, "The 17-year-old girl who authorities say Carson forced into prostitution was introduced to him a year ago after confiding to an acquaintance that she was having financial problems, according to the complaint." After they met, Carson allegedly raped her, and when she told him her age, he simply replied "that don't matter." He allegedly then began to use categorical violence to keep her and the other women he trafficked in the sex trade.

It is good to hear that this pimp has been arrested and will be prosecuted for his terrible crimes. But shouldn't we also be arresting and prosecuting the johns, the men who bought sex from this 17-year-old girl? Prostitution would not be profitable without the demand from these purchasers. Johns are instrumental in fueling pimps to continue exploiting women, and yet johns are rarely prosecuted or convicted. Unless we address and eliminate the demand, we will never be able to successfully eliminate sex trafficking. To learn more about what demand is and how you can help stop the exploitation of women, visit End Demand Illinois.

This arrest should also help to shatter the myth that prostitution and sex trafficking are not happening in your own neighborhood. Think prostitution and sex trafficking couldn't happen in your area? Think again. Bolingbrook is a fairly affluent community, listed at #43 in Money Magazine's "America's Top 100 Places to Live."  If sex trafficking is happening here, it is happening in your community, too.

Don't be discouraged. Instead, be motivated! To find out more about how you can help stop sex trafficking and bring an end to sexual exploitation visit CAASE or End Demand Illinois today

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