Monday, December 3, 2012

19 Johns Arrested in Aurora Prostitution Sting

Nineteen men were arrested for solicitation last week during a prostitution sting in Aurora. We applaud Aurora’s law enforcement for focusing the bulk of this sting’s resources to addressing demand.

According to the Naperville Sun, the johns who were arrested are from Aurora and several other Illinois communities including Bolingbrook, Genoa, Glen Ellyn, Joliet, Montgomery, Naperville, and Plainfield. One man was from South Carolina. These are men who live in our neighborhoods, and when they buy sex they help the commercial sex trade to thrive.

Our research has shown that when johns are arrested, they say they will be deterred from buying sex again in that community. You can help by sharing this story widely. We need to get the word out that local law enforcement is holding johns accountable.

Unfortunately, prostituted people continue to be arrested and rearrested, as several were in this sting. Illinois currently has very few resources for those who are seeking to leave the sex trade. CAASE and the End Demand Illinois campaign are working to change that. We advocate for a social service response to survivors of the sex trade, instead of a criminal justice response. Our survivor engagement committee is working with the campaign to transform our state’s response to the sex trade by proposal a network of specialized services. Learn more about the proposal here.

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