Monday, August 12, 2013

Renee Gets Ready to Race for CAASE

Renee Mehl has served on CAASE’s board of directors since 2009. She is an experienced runner and is co-chairing the Race for CAASE team. Here are some quick thoughts from Renee about running to end sexual exploitation. You can find her fundraising page and make a gift in honor of her race here.

CAASE: This is your second year helping to lead the team. What motivates you in your training?

Renee: I race because the Race for CAASE combines my two interests: charity and running. Joining CAASE has opened my eyes to the consequences of sexual harm and violence in our own backyard. CAASE is making real changes in trafficked persons' lives. I know the money we raise goes toward all of CAASE's initiatives, including policy reform, community outreach, and litigation.

CAASE: Have you run a half marathon before? 

Renee: I became hooked on running after my first half marathon in 2010. Right when I was feeling defeated and began thinking about walking, a stranger said, "You can do this, Renee!" (My name was on my race bib.) I thought to myself, "You can do this!" and started running again.  You truly never run alone when you are running for charity.  You are running for friends, family, donors, CAASE, and, in my case that day, strangers. 

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