Monday, January 28, 2013

Timantha Leads DePaul Chapter at CAASE

Timantha Tran
When college students learn about sexual exploitation, many are moved to take action. CAASE provides several opportunities for people to take action, including CAASE College Chapters.

The chapters are formed by college students on their campuses to raise awareness about issues of prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual assault and to mobilize their college community to take action.. Timantha Tran has led her campus chapter at DePaul University with great success. Timantha, who is majoring in Peace, Justice, and Conflict and minoring in Public Law.

“When I first got to DePaul and spoke to students about human trafficking, they didn’t even know it existed here in Chicago,” Timantha said. The DePaul chapter has hosted film screenings and informational meetings about the issue of sexual exploitation in Chicago and donated supplies to organizations that help victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Currently, the chapter is planning a discussion panel that will feature CAASE’s Executive Director Rachel Durchslag along with other agency directors in the community. Additionally they are hoping to host a talent show that will feature students from various local colleges utilizing their own talents to bring awareness to this issue.

Timantha and the DePaul CAASE Chapter members are great examples of how one college community can greatly impact others and bring awareness to the issue of sexual exploitation. To find out more about how to start a CAASE chapter on your campus contact us at

This post was written by Lisa Wilson, CAASE community engagement intern. 

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