Friday, February 1, 2013

Take on Super Bowl Sexism via Twitter

As America gears up for the Super Bowl this weekend, once again there will be discussions about which Super Bowl commercial generated most sales and which one was the sexiest. These ratings and entertainment will once again become the talk of millions of living rooms where people from both sexes, young and old, who will be watching the game together.

According to Miss Representation, almost half of the Super Bowl audience is women, and they exercise more purchasing power than their male counterparts. Some of the most expensive and much-awaited ads will once again reinforce sexual objectification of the female body. Many women (and men!) continue to feel let down by the advertisers that repeatedly perpetuate sexual stereotypes, with false assumptions about their audience. Viewers will have a choice—do we shrug and look away, or take action?

Miss Representation is inviting you to tweet about it. This Sunday, as you are watching the big game, look for disparity in the representation of women and men. Point out sexism as it happens and express your disapproval via Twitter. Use the hashtag #NotBuyingIt with #SuperBowl to call out the offensive and sexist ads in real-time.

Many women enjoy watching football, and it’s time to let the NFL know that we’re watching closely. There must be a better way to make football great for all, instead of glorifying the power of male players while merely objectifying women.

What do you think—will you watch the Super Bowl? (Or maybe just the ads?) We’ll be tweeting along with you on Sunday!

This post was written by Shobhana Johri Verma, a CAASE volunteer. 

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