Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meet Our Runners: Darci Jenkins

What motivated you to run for CAASE this year?
One year ago, I joined the CAASE half marathon team and I had run only 5 miles in my life. But a friend encouraged me to do it (she's trying to get me to do a full) and I couldn't say no to raising money for CAASE. Now, one year later, this will be my 3rd half marathon (2nd for CAASE). CAASE has been a huge part of my life professionally, personally, and now athletically! My push to get to the finish line resembles a lot of the work that CAASE does --- they persevere, they push forward, and they try things they have yet to accomplish. The least I could do is tie my shoes and get out there and run!

What has been the greatest challenge so far?
I am also participating in the Super Sprint Triathlon on August 23rd so training for the half and this triathlon has been really, really hard. 

How does it feel being part of the CAASE team? 
I love it. There's nothing better than on race day when a fellow team member runs up beside you, gives you a high five and says, "You got this!"

Did you ever run a marathon before?  
I ran some half marathons but never a full one.

Why do you think people should support the Race for CAASE?
This initiative is a large fundraiser for CAASE. Funds raised will go toward helping survivors meeting their legal needs, preventing trafficking and exploitation by educating our youth, and finally, continuing to pass legislation that supports services for survivors and intends to combat human trafficking and exploitation. Everyone has a mother, sister, brother or cousin that could have been sexually exploited. With your support CAASE can help put a stop to sexual exploitation and continue to serve these survivors.

Help Darci reach her fundraising goal by visiting her Race for CAASE page. Support our other runners by visiting our full team list.  

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